Why online reputation is so important for digitization

Published: July 30, 2020 | Last updated: April 5, 2023
With the spread of the corona virus, cybercrime is on the rise: hackers and fraudsters steal data, fake shops and spread dubious offers. This proves that reputation is more important than ever before. How it is now helping with digitization: an overview.

The customer is king or how communication works today

The customer is king. They determine whether companies are successful and if service providers generate profits. The reason: digitalization is changing communication. Advertising as the most important success factor is being replaced by referral marketing. Because: In the world of Facebook, Instagram and specialized forums, people talk to people about their experiences with a product or service. The respective companies ensure that their customer communication flows smoothly. They create an environment that customers trust. This ranges from accessible websites, profiles on social networks and rating portals to telephone hotlines. The rule: Those who present themselves on the net in a tangible, humane and transparent manner benefit.

Creating space for trust

Just how important reputation is for digitization is shown by facts and figures from the online world: There are more than 1.7 billion websites since 2020 - as many as if every seventh person had one. There are 600 million blogs worldwide - about seven times as many as Germany has inhabitants. In the Federal Republic alone, around 400,000 companies are active in e-commerce. This means that anyone who navigates the online realm is faced with an endless selection of products, retailers and content. Narrowing down the selection sensibly, choosing an online shop, building a relationship with the company, service, brand or product: reviews by other customers help in this process. They create shelters in the website labyrinth, are compass and life belt. For digitization to work, users must trust. The rule is: Whoever creates a safe space on the internet promotes their own reputation and contributes to digitization.

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Together against fraud

Fake news, fake reviews, malware and hacker attacks - as digitization progresses, the probability of criminal activity on the net unfortunately also increases. Virus programs, comprehensible communication and serious review platforms help against this. The latter protect both customers and companies from fraud and fake reviews. They take away users' fear and insecurity - creating trust. This leads to more sales and guarantees that customers will continue to enjoy ordering online. In short: Online recommendations help against cyber crime and make the internet a place where users feel comfortable.

More reviews, more sales

Even the best strategy is useless if it does not bring in sales. That's why you should rely on online review marketing. No matter whether you run a group of companies, found a start-up, are self-employed or run a trade business: positive reviews increase sales by at least 10 percent - with a time commitment of 15 minutes per week. This is the result of a representative study among more than 27,000 ProvenExpert users.

Customers want to find you: You make it possible!

Protecting customers and helping users to find their way around the internet: the most important task of serious service providers and entrepreneurs. For this to work, you need to be visible online - on social networks and high up in the results pages of search engines. Support your customers by optimizing pages for search engines. Active review marketing helps here: With the number of recommendations from other users, the relevance for Google, Bing and Co. rises as well.

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