Online-Reputation: Which ProvenExpert plan is the right one for me?

Published: February 23, 2024 | Last updated: February 23, 2024
Your company is individual and has its very own needs. We at ProvenExpert are prepared for this - and that's why we have the perfect fit for every company and its needs. 

The FREE plan: A solid start   

As the name suggests, this package is completely free for you. Nevertheless, even our starter plan has a lot to offer. This plan is a perfect starting point for freelancers and small companies taking their first steps on the road to a weatherproof reputation and helps you grow. Many features are already available in the FREE plan and will be gradually expanded in the larger packages. You could say that your ProvenExpert plan grows with your company. 

The FREE plan already gives you a seal that acts as a "mini-profile", so to speak, with which you can show visitors at first glance: I am an expert. You can even integrate this widget into your email signature. Anyone who clicks on the seal will land on your ProvenExpert profile. Our PRO Seal is also already available for you and optimized for mobile devices. No matter which seal you choose (or whether you use both): A seal shows potential new customers at first glance that you are a trustworthy partner. 

Your profile acts as a digital business card and is search engine optimized. This means that you will be found more easily online. Potential customers do not have to search explicitly for your company, but only for the keywords you have entered in order to find your offers directly in a crowd of competitors. You will also stand out from the Google crowd because the search entry for your profile also displays rating stars and a rating score directly in the search. This means that everyone can see right away that you are excellent.  

You also have the option of making up to 10 reviews publicly visible and you can have 5 surveys active at the same time to ask for further feedback. These limits increase from package to package, so you can display more and more reviews and activate surveys at the same time, depending on your plan. 

Worried about fake reviews damaging your reputation? From the FREE plan onwards, you are protected thanks to email verification and a reporting function. You received an unjustified negative review? We will check the validity of your review. 


The BASIC plan: The entry level plan  

Our smallest payment package is a decent booster for your available features and the favorite of many freelancers and small businesses. You've already collected some reviews, created a presence on the web and want to use your good work to further build your visibility and reputation. You know how important up-to-date reviews are. Of course, the number of reviews is also important. If you have five stars but only three reviews, you will probably be outperformed by a competitor who only has 4.5 stars but can boast twenty reviews. Timeliness is also important. Today's customers attach great importance to having up-to-date reviews, as old feedback does not necessarily reflect the current situation. This is precisely why BASIC pays off for small companies: It allows you to hold your own against the competition and continue to grow.  

Instead of just ten, you can publicly display up to 50 collected reviews and 25 surveys can be active at the same time. This can have an impact on your rating seals - because these are only displayed in full if all the reviews you have received have also been published. If reviews remain hidden, your seal will for example lose its stars and overall score. The BASIC plan is therefore particularly worthwhile if you have already collected more than ten reviews. 

Surveys can now be personalized, which means you can adapt surveys to your needs and only ask customers questions that are relevant to you and your company.  

A particularly useful function is also activated from BASIC onwards: There are certainly various platforms on which your customers rate you, whether Facebook, Google or Yelp. More than 480 different review sources are currently available for linking, provided you are represented there. From BASIC, you can link up to 3 other sources to your profile. This means that potential customers, as well as you yourself, always have a good overview of your reputation across the entire network. The external ratings are also included in your overall score and are therefore reflected on your seals. 


The PLUS plan: Our all-time customer favorite  

In the PLUS plan, the limits are increased enormously. This is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs and companies that already have many satisfied customers and want to use the strength of these voices to grow even further. It is well known that growth is easier if you are already successful. This is the same in the field of reputation. The more satisfied customers give you stars, the more potential customers you will attract - who in turn will give you stars.  

With PLUS, you can publicly display up to 250 reviews, actively use up to 50 customer surveys at the same time and link 5 other review sources to ProvenExpert. But PLUS is the most popular ProvenExpert plan for plenty of reasons and can do even more.   

Until now, Google stars were only available for your profile. With PLUS, your website and your PRO Seal can also shine with stars. This means that your website's search engine entry will be displayed with review stars, a review score and the number of reviews in the organic search results not only by Google, but also by other search engines such as BING. 

The ProvenExpert API is also available from PLUS. This gives you the opportunity to send customers a survey invitation by email directly from your CRM or store system. Instead of sending surveys manually, you can set it up so that customers automatically receive a survey after successful completion in your store system, for example, without you having to do anything. This saves a lot of time!  

Another new feature on the subject of surveys: from PLUS you can create internal surveys. The result has no influence on your publicly visible overall score and recommendation rate. A very useful tool if you want to check which adjustments are worth making, before you ask for public feedback.  


The PREMIUM plan: The all-round carefree package  

No matter how many reviews you have collected, how many customers you want to send surveys to or how many external sources for reviews you have available for linking: There are no more limits. This makes the PREMIUM plan the ideal solution for companies that are particularly diligent in collecting feedback and are real customer favorites - or are simply very large. And that can pay off, because the more reviews you have, the more likely potential new customers are to trust you. With the PREMIUM package, you can rise to the top of your industry and show that you are a big player. And one that the masses trust.  

Another benefit of the largest plan is a separate PREMIUM hotline at ProvenExpert, which is there to help and advise you.  

Do you use social media to generate attention for your business? With PREMIUM, you can use our Social Sharing feature, which allows you to share reviews on LinkedIn in just a few clicks. Of course, you can also download the generated image and share it on all other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. This makes your successes even more visible.  

Whether you're a beginner or a pro: the right solution for every expert 

As you can see: With ProvenExpert, you have numerous options for protecting and expanding your good reputation. Which plan is right for you depends on your individual needs. Just give it a try - without any risk. Your company and your customers will thank you for it. When you register, you get the chance to test our PREMIUM plan free of charge for 30 days. At the end of the test phase, you will automatically be transferred to the FREE plan and can decide for yourself whether you want to continue using ProvenExpert free of charge or as part of a paid package. You have nothing to lose - and a lot to gain! Make your stars shine even brighter. 

Want to build a strong online reputation? Let us help you.

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