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Published: March 1, 2024 | Last updated: April 2, 2024
In the age of transparency and digitalization, employer branding has become increasingly important as a strategic element of HR management. With 69% of active job seekers preferring to start with an employer with a good reputation, there is no doubt about the importance of a strong employer brand (Glassdoor, 2020). ProvenExpert is revolutionizing this area - with the power of employee reviews. 

1. Why is Employer Branding important?
2. How employee reviews influence the employer brand
3. ProvenEmployer: A game changer in the field of employer branding

Why is Employer Branding important? 

The importance of a strong employer brand goes far beyond recruitment. A positive employer brand can increase employee retention, boost productivity and even impact company profits. According to LinkedIn, companies with a strong employer brand have a 28% lower turnover rate, saving significant costs in recruiting and onboarding new employees. You can find more information on employer branding here

How employee reviews influence the employer brand

In the digital age, a company's image plays a decisive role. Employer reviews provide a direct insight into the corporate culture and working atmosphere. According to a study by LinkedIn, 75% of applicants look at reviews and ratings before applying for a job. They serve as an authentic source of information for potential employees and therefore make an important contribution to the company brand. 


ProvenEmployer: A game changer in the field of employer branding 

With its tools, ProvenEmployer sets the course for effective employer branding. By providing a platform for employee feedback and ratings, the employer image becomes transparent and tangible. The feature enables your company to collect and respond to employee feedback and reviews and improve the internal working atmosphere based on real data. ProvenEmployer provides an excellent opportunity to highlight your company's strengths while identifying areas for improvement.

Comprehensive employer profile: Aggregates employer reviews from leading platforms such as Kununu & Glassdoor. 

Strong signal of trust for applicants: Indicates employee satisfaction and a strong corporate culture. 

Einfache Feedbacksammlung: Promotes engagement thanks to personalizable employee surveys.

ProvenEmployer gives your company a decisive advantage in talent acquisition. At a time when potential applicants value transparency and authenticity, ProvenEmployer strengthens your employer brand and enables you to position yourself clearly and attractively.  

By integrating employee feedback, you not only create a strong bond within your team, but also increase applicant and referral rates. Set an example for authentic employer quality with ProvenEmployer and set yourself apart from the competition.

Take the next step in your employer branding. Take the opportunity to position your company as an employer of the future! 

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