Tutorial: How to embed a rating seal into email signatures

Would you like to display your customer reviews in emails too? In this tutorial we'll show you how you can add a rating seal to your email signature in four easy steps.

Have you thought about including a ratings seal in your email signature? Emails are the most common method of business communication, and are an important contact point for potential customers. Creating trust is just as important here as in other communication channels. In this tutorial we'll show you how you can add a ProvenExpert rating seal to your Outlook or Apple email signature in four easy steps.

screenshot_3_seals_in_signature In this example, the ratings seal, quality seal, and the ProvenExpert logo are embedded.

Before we start, a short note: Not every email service allows embedding a rating seal into the email signature. It's possible with Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Gmail, but not with certain email clients such as GMX or Web.de. We will demonstrate using Outlook 2010 (for Windows) and Apple Mail. Select HTML as send format to ensure that the email signature will display properly. In case of Outlook, this should already be selected by default.

1. Integrate the ProvenExpert seal in Outlook (Windows)

In this section, we will use Outlook 2010 for Windows operating systems to show how to embed the ProvenExpert seal into your email signature. The steps shown here only apply to the Windows version of Outlook. While it is possible to embed graphics in Outlook for MacOS systems, loading dynamically generated graphics is currently not supported. If you are using Outlook for Mac, we therefore recommend either using one of the static ProvenExpert seal versions, or to regularly update the embedded image file manually.

1.1 Select rating seal

Select a rating seal for your email signature. You have several seals to choose from: Included is a dynamic rating seal, which is constantly updated with rating stars, and other static rating seals, as well as the ProvenExpert logo. Log in to your ProvenExpert profile and click on „Rating seal“ in the navigation bar to select your favorite option (go to login). Note: Slider rating seal, the seal at the lower browser edge and the rating widget aren't suited for embedding.

screenshot_seal Select the desired seal under the tab "Rating seals"

1.2 Customise rating seal and generate HTML code

You can now adjust the ratings seal. We recommend adding the smallest size (90 x 108) to your signature. If you also want to display a customer evaluation, the seal must be at least 125 x 150 pixels. Click on “Generate HTML code”. This will open a window that displays the source code.

screenshot_html_code Customize your selection & click on “Generate HTML code“

A corresponding dialog will open. Copy the second link in the source code (see screenshot):

screenshot_seal_URL Select and copy the link to the seal graphic from the source code

1.3 Add graphic to signature

Now in Outlook go to “new message” and then to “Signature” -> “Signatures...”.
Click on the icon “Insert Graphic”. A file selection dialog opens.

screenshot_icons_ in_outlook

Click on the left icon “Insert Graphic icon”to open the file selection dialog.

Your URL will appear differently, but don't let this bother you. It is important that everything starting from https: untill .png is copied without quotation marks. Now go back to the Outlook file selection dialog and insert the copied link in “Filename:” and click on “Paste”. Now the ratings seal graphic will appear in your signature.

screenshot_file If you would like to embed the dynamic seal, click on Link to file.

If you are inserting the dynamic seal, please don't click on „Paste“, but rather on the little arrow to the right and then on Link to file”. This ensures that the seal is synchronized with every rating in realtime.

1.4 Add hyperlink to the ratings profile

In the last step, link the ratings seal graphic to your ProvenExpert profile (your profile must be public to do this). Click in the Outlook signature dialog first on the seal and then on the icon “Insert hyperlink”; a dialog will open. Copy the first marked link in the source code (see screenshot):

screenshot_profile_URL Select and copy the link to your ProvenExpert profile from the source code

As you must have noticed, this is your ProvenExpert profile's URL. Go back to the Outlook dialog window. Insert the copied link to “Address:” and click on “OK”in Settings.


Done! You ratings seal is now embedded in your email signature and will now be displayed in every email that you send.

2. Integrating the ProvenExpert seal with Apple Mail

Now we describe embedding of the ProvenExpert seal in Apple Mail signatures (using MAC OS X 10.5).

2.1 Write signature text and make presets

Open Apple Mail and click on “Signatures”. On the left, select the email account, for which you would like to create a signature.

Then click on “+” in the second column and give your signature a name (here: HTML). In the right column, give your desired signature text and add a placeholder where the ProvenExpert seal should be positioned. In our example we called the placeholder “LOGO”.

formulate_signature_text The placeholder for the seal is “LOGO” .

Now, next to “Signatures” click on the field “compose” and in the first line in Email format, select “Formatted Text”. Now, go to “Display” field and set a check mark next to “Load removed contents in messages” or “Display not locally saved images in HTML emails” (this depends on the Apple Mail version). Following these steps, close the Apple Mail program.

2.2 Open HTML code using the file path

Now open the folder “Library folder”. On Desktop, go to “Finder” and then, under “Go to” select the Library folder.

desktop_library Open the “Library” using the “Alt key”.

Open the Mail subfolder > V2 > MailData > Signatures

If you use iCloud, follow this path:
Mobile Documents > com~apple~mail > Data > MailData > Signatures


In this example, the top mail signature file has been edited last.

Select the file ending in “mailsignature”. If there are several files, select the last used one.

At this point you will probably get a message that no program can open this file. If this happens, then click on “Select program or application:” and pick “TextEdit.app”. The file will open and the signature source code will display.

2.3 Implement generated HTML code

Log into your ProvenExpert profile and copy the generated HTML code of your seal. You can find out how to generate the HTML code in sections 1.1 and 1.2.


Please copy the entire seal code as shown in this example.

Now insert the copied HTML code into the file (signature source code) that you opened with TextEdit.app. In our example, we simple REPLACE the word LOGO, (which we entered as a placeholder before) with the copied HTML code, save, and close the file.


Insert the copied HTML code in place of the word “LOGO” (or instead of your placeholder).

If you now open Apple Mail and choose “New message” select HTML to the right of “Signature” “HTML” .


To the right, select “HTML” to display the seal graphic correctly.

Done! Your ProvenExpert seal is now embedded in your email signature and will appear in your sent emails.

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