Digitalization: 9 Tools With The Biggest Impact on Productvity

Published: August 6, 2020 | Last updated: June 23, 2022
From acquisition, to marketing, to reputation management: Our 9 tool tips take the pressure off your regular workday, save time and help to work productively

Digitalization: 9 Tools With The Biggest Impact on Productvity

1. Organisation

Microsoft To Do allows you you can create, share and organize to-do lists, as well as split individual tasks into subtasks. To-Dos can be delegated and distributed to other team members. Smart to-do lists such as "My Day" capture and bundle tasks from all lists for that day - so you never miss an important task. Files can be easily uploaded, and notes can be created, plus: Microsoft To Do is free of charge.

 - Trello is an application developed by the software manufacturer Atlassian to help teams work forward . The project management tool is suitable for organizing several projects across teams. Team members are equally involved in the project, can share ideas and work with greater flexibility. Different lists reflect the workflow and the phases of progress. For example, you can create a list for "To Dos", "in progress", and "completed" for each project. In addition, tasks, projects and deadlines can be easily prioritized, tasks distributed, checklists processed, and files uploaded.

 - Zenkit is the intelligent task planner among the project management tools. The tool combines project and time management and is suitable for freelancers, start-ups and for project work in companies. The difference to Trello: Zenkit is more flexible, for example when it comes to displaying projects. You can switch between canban board, list, calendar or mind map as often as you like. Another feature is that the software makes it possible to establish relationships between fields and to calculate number fields with formulas.

Digitalization: 9 Tools With The Biggest Impact on Productvity


Digitalization: 9 Tools With The Biggest Impact on Productvity

2. Stay in contact with the team

Slack, the powerful communication tool for companies, freelancers and service providers. The tool is a communication platform. With group chats named after topics or projects, teams can communicate more easily and work together more quickly. In companies with flat hierarchies, the tool enables an uncomplicated exchange with superiors and ensures transparency: all messages are always available to everyone they concern. At the same time, Slack also enables transparent and easy exchange of images, files and text messages. In addition to group chats, the tool also supports private messages to selected people.

 - Microsoft Teams is integrated into Office 365 degrees, which makes it easy to implement when you already have the Office solution anyway. MS Teams offers a very good all-round package for instant messaging, calendar function, wikis and video chats, among others. It is scalable and therefore well suited for growing companies. Channels can also be created and todos can be recorded. Tools such as Slack and Teams reduce the daily email flood considerably and increase productivity.

3. Focus boosters

Fokusbooster uses Pomodoro technology to increase productivity. Each work phase is followed by a short break. This makes the app particularly suitable for self-employed people to record working times by project/customer. The latter is also possible with the free alternative Clockify. The dashboard with detailed reports on the total working time and the time invested for a customer and/or project additionally increases transparency. Focusbooster is available in three different price models: For professionals, the advanced version is available for $4.99/month.

 - Freedom is useful for people who are distracted by the flood of information on the internet and social networks. The tool blocks apps and websites that could distract while working. Those who do not want to block certain pages completely can define usage times per page view. If you don't want to be distracted at all, browsers such as Chrome or Firefox can be blocked completely for a defined period of time thanks to the Focus Boost. On reading lists, users define in advance the topics and Internet pages that they really need in their everyday work.

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Boxcryptor encrypts files and folders directly on the device. If you synchronize them later with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or other cloud services you can share and edit files securely. Suitable for self-employed people and companies that use cloud services to store sensitive data. Your data is safe: The Boxcryptor headquarters are located in Germany, where security and privacy laws are strict. Additionally, they use a certified data center.

Bonus recommendation. Present yourself (even if you do not have a graphic designer)

Canva, the graphics program for "non-graphic designers", pushes your professional brand appearance. The tool is a design software for private users, freelancers and companies. It scores with a simple user interface where no previous knowledge of graphic design is required. The program saves templates, fonts and logos in the professional version. For all those who do not have much time for elaborate graphics, but want to present their brand professionally.


Here are our recommended 10 Essential Tools to Support Your Digital Transformation:

  1. Microsoft To-Do
  2. Trello
  3. Zenkit
  4. Fokusbooster
  5. Freedom
  6. Boxcryptor
  7. Slack
  8. Micro

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