4 tips on how your content generates more traffic

Published: August 20, 2020 | Last updated: April 5, 2023
If you want to be successful, you cannot rely solely on the technical component. ProvenExpert shows how your content helps to convince online.

Focus on review marketing

When it comes to search engine rankings, reviews submitted by users via Google and rating portals should not be underestimated. They increase the relevance of a page in the results of search engines. The more positive reviews companies and service providers have, the higher the probability that search engines will display the pages high up in the results. This is also confirmed by the SEO company MOZ in a study on local search ranking factors: The number and variety of reviews have an influence on the ranking of a site. In addition, how often users review also plays a role. That means: Reviews only have a positive effect if you regularly invest in reputation management and customer feedback. This requires time and resources. If you want to reduce the need for both, you can rely on service providers like ProvenExpert. The portal for review marketing allows companies, shops and service providers to create a profile that can be displayed on up to 300 partner sites simultaneously. At the same time, interfaces bundle all reviews that users submit on other rating portals, social networks, forums and search engines. The feedback from customers increases both traffic and the conversion rate in the long term. This is the result of a representative study among more than 27,000 ProvenExpert users. They increased their turnover by 10 percent by investing 15 minutes of their time per week in review marketing.

Increase organic traffic through Pinterest

When it comes to organic traffic, Pinterest is the winner among social networks. Each entry is linked to the website and can be reached by clicking on the so-called pin. Another advantage over Facebook and Instagram: On Pinterest, users collect pins on pin boards. If these are public, all users of the network have access and can collect the contributions on their own pin boards. This "snowball effect" provides a sustainable source of traffic. Whether a topic works on Pinterest is shown, for example, by the SEO tool Ubersuggest. Since Pinterest is used by women in particular, companies and service providers with a predominantly female target group benefit the most. According to a study by Pew Research, 45 percent of all female internet users are on Pinterest. Lifestyle topics as well as advice on career and psychology work well on the web. There are numerous examples of how Pinterest helps companies move forward. One of them is the success story of the Australian fashion label Koogal. Tram Tran began selling clothes on eBay and later on Shopify at the age of 16. To advertise her offer, she mainly used Pinterest. Today, the 27-year-old generates 70 percent of her company's total turnover with organic traffic via the network.

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Content marketing

In content marketing, companies and service providers produce media content that offers their target group added value. Content marketing includes measures such as guides on a blog, webinars, videos, white papers, newsletters or posts on social media. Good to know: Content marketing works both on- and offline. As early as 1891 Dr. Oetker had recipes printed on the baking mixes. In addition to the actual product, the purchase of a baking mix also gave the customer a recipe ─, which was a further selling point and an advantage over competitors. In simple terms, content marketing on the internet works the same way. It is not about advertising, but about value for potential and existing buyers ─ content informs and entertains.

In times of Youtube, TikTok and Instagram, many companies rely mainly on influencer marketing, a special form of content marketing. Influencers create content for their followers that focuses on a company, a product or a service. The advantage: Influencers are "independent" from the company in the eyes of their followers. Additionally they serve as a role model. What they have, what they like and what they recommend is what their followers want. The disadvantage: influencers are expensive. Those who start with less budget concentrate on micro-influencers. They have about 10,000 followers on average, but usually make up for it through an active community.

Reach new target groups faster with social ads

Placing ads on social media is especially effective when you want to reach younger audiences. Although advertising on social media is marked as such, users do not necessarily perceive advertising as such due to user behavior and scanning of the feed. So if you package ads as a post with added value for the user, you can attract new followers as well as existing customers.

The organic reach of companies with a low number of followers can be increased primarily through story ads. In contrast to regular stories, smaller accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers can link directly from the story to the website. Important: For paid social it’s recommended to look at your target group in detail. This is important to:

  1. reach people who are really interested in you and your product.
  2. use the correct hashtag and the best keywords.

Social ads are available for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. The latter is especially useful if you mainly produce promotional videos and/or tutorials.

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