3 technical tips for more traffic

Published: August 20, 2020 | Last updated: April 5, 2023
To be successful, you have to know who you are. ProvenExpert shows strategies that help you to raise your profile on the net.

Focus on local search engine optimization

Using local search engine optimization, people can find doctors, car repair shops or hairdressers in their vicinity. Experts use a mixture of classic search engine optimization, social media and business directory entries. In short: If you want to be relevant for search engines in a regional context, you need a multi-channel strategy. The basic rule for local SEO: Put products and services into a regional context. To do this, optimize the texts on the website for longtail keywords that combine relevant search terms with the name of the city, district or corresponding region. Examples of longtail keywords with local reference:

  1. Car repair shop New York City
  2. Car repair shop New York City Queens
  3. Car repair shop New York City Queens Woodside Avenue

In addition to search engine optimization with suitable keywords, it is also important to have a presence outside your own website, for example on industry-specific platforms, in forums and yellow pages. Also, discount codes as well as promotions on coupon platforms draw the attention of users to your offer.

Rank higher with Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing (short: LSI) is important if you want to rank high in the search results. With this strategy, the search engine does not index according to a specific keyword, but according to a subject area. Using artificial intelligence, it assigns words to a specific topic: for example, terms such as "nutrition diary", "healthy eating", "vegan", "sugar-free" or "diet" to the main keyword "change of diet". With this strategy, search engines check whether content that is optimized for a keyword covers a topic holistically. This way Google, Bing and Co. avoid that pages rank high only because they integrate the main keyword indiscriminately, but have nothing to do with it thematically. Therefore: if you use synonyms and related terms when writing texts, you increase the relevance of your site for the search engine. This is why we recommend using related terms in addition to longtail keywords. LSIs for the main keyword "car repair shop New York City" could be "car maintenance NYC", "DMV NYC", "car damage New York City". The result: the page ranks higher, users can access your offer via the search results pages (SERPS for short).

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SEA: More traffic with Search Engine Advertising

You want to be at the top of the online search? Then invest in Search Engine Advertising. In search engine advertising, you place ads in the search results pages (SERPs for short) in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. The ads are played out on keywords that you determine yourself beforehand. The more prominent the keyword and the more competition, the more expensive the ad will be. If you want to save advertising budget, you place your ad on keywords that users often search for, but for which there is little competition. SEO tools show the CPC (cost per click) for keywords. This value shows what costs are incurred when users click on the ad. On average, the cost per click for an ad on Google is between 0.40 and 2.00 Euros. Our tip: What applies to classic SEO also helps you with SEA. Use longtail keywords. Thanks to less competition, you pay less in total for placing an ad. In addition, your ad will on average appear more often on the search results pages. This means: With longtail keywords you get comparatively more traffic to your site.

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