ProvenExpert awards 2020. Three top experts in each industry

Published: February 8, 2021 | Last updated: October 10, 2022
More than 169,000 service providers and companies are already successfully using to strengthen their online reputation and generate new business with the reviews of their satisfied customers. Some were particularly good at this in 2020: We once again present the best three experts from each industry.

The votes of their satisfied customers have contributed to these companies' excellent reputation in their respective industries. With the "TopExpert 2020" award, we identify the best-rated service providers based on customer satisfaction and recommendations from your customers.

Below we present the top three experts from over 40 selected industries on ProvenExpert. These top experts have achieved the best scores in their industry according to grading and the number of evaluations. Congratulations! i

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These top experts have achieved the best scores in their industry by grade and number of evaluations. Congratulations! i

Insurance services
Financial services
Real estate
Kitchen manufacturing
Car sales
Motor vehicle services
Professional development
Online shops
IT services
Media production
Media design
Online marketing
Social media
Events & Entertainment
Legal services
Tax consulting
Business Consulting
Doctors & Non-medical practitioners
Psychological counselling
Care facilities
Hotels & Accommodation
Stationary trade
Specialised weapons trade

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