- One Chance to Make a Good First Impression

Published: April 29, 2020 | Last updated: June 20, 2022
A tenth of a second - how long we need to form a first impression. Ensuring that a customer sees a quality seal or a high rating in this period is vital.

First impressions are decisive - whether it is at work, in romance or when making a purchase decision. According to this research by Princeton University, it only takes 100 milliseconds for someone to decide whether you are trustworthy, or not. We are practically being flooded with impressions, be it in a department store or on the internet. Within a literal blink of an eye, the brain decides whether it is worth taking a second or third look.

Of course you want to persuade consumers to spend more time inspecting your product or service. You want to be exciting, a real eye-catcher. The design, the layout, the colours, the texts, the sounds all pour over you and lead us to a first impression, which ideally can be described as "thin trust".

Trust is important, it influences potential customers in their purchase decision. Those who trust a company or a brand remain loyal. Exciting visuals can attract attention, but other factors invite us to stay. In addition to the visual presentation of an offer, good ratings quickly attract attention, especially in the form of rating systems or seals of quality. A good reputation is priceless.


  • Proven Expert’s “aggregate star review” function is an attention-grabbing seal that certifies a great reputation. It increases customer trust and customer retention

  • Building trust is a step-by-step process. Keeping a constant eye on your good reputation is therefore crucial, so that you can make sure to include this mark on your product or service.

To learn more about how to use your own reputation and review scores as a marketing tool, check this article out.

We are also currently offering a 30-day free premium subscription (here), where you can test out all of Proven Expert’s features free of charge, and experience how with as little as 15 minutes reputation management per week, revenue and customer retention will start to increase.

ProvenExpert helps you to make an excellent first impression. Take a second look at our services.

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