The PRO Seal creates trust and wins over new customers

Published: May 31, 2021 | Last updated: April 10, 2024
Have you built a good reputation with your customers? Show it! Consumers search online for trustworthy service providers, relying on customer reviews and seals. The innovative and optimized ProvenExpert PRO Seal is the next level of reputation trust badges.

The PRO Seal provides you with the decisive competitive advantage

Almost 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. This means: Nothing convinces consumers more than the satisfaction of your customers. A seal authentically reflects the experiences of your customers and builds trust with new visitors when they get on your website.  Whether it's through reviews in text form, the overall rating, or the up-to-dateness of your reviews - with the PRO Seal you use the best advertising in the world: the voices of your satisfied customers! This is how you gain a decisive competitive advantage. New customers do business faster with you as a reputation professional, are willing to spend more for your services, and feel more confident in dealing with you as a business partner. Whether through reviews in text form, the overall score or the topicality of your reviews - with the PRO Seal you use the best advertising in the world: the votes of your satisfied customers! This gives you a decisive competitive advantage. New customers will do business with you as a reputation professional more quickly, are prepared to spend more on your services and feel more confident in dealing with you as a business partner.


Mobile first! Your PRO Seal can do it - and much more

According to a study, companies with trust seals or badges attract up to 30% more customers. Customers are increasingly searching for a service provider via smartphone and since 2021 Google has been indexing mobile websites first - a mobile-optimized badge proves to your prospects that you are trustworthy even on mobile devices. Our PRO Seal is responsive and is therefore displayed in the ideal size on both desktop and mobile version. 


Everything a visitor would want to know about your reputation is displayed on the front and back of the double-sided seal: your recommendation rate, the number of reviews you have, the bundled customer reviews from other platforms, and the latest reviews as text. These details quickly convince new customers to trust you.

Stars increase the attention and clicks of new customers

Your Google stars can be integrated in the PRO Seal thanks to a rich snippet. This way, customers are taken directly to your website from the search results on Google. Thus, Google recognizes that you are a popular service provider and will rank the search result to your website higher. The integration of the Rich Snippet in the code for your new PRO Seal is available starting with the PLUS plan. Here you will find a short guide on how to integrate it. Easily and quickly configure your personal PRO Seal just the way you want it. You choose: language settings, a color strip to match your website or preferred design effect, and which details of your customer reviews should be displayed in the PRO Seal.

And now, brand new, choose whether you want to display your PRO Seal embedded or floating on your website.

Embedded PRO Seal
Integrate the PRO Seal between the elements of your website without obscuring the content. Decide whether you want to activate one or both sides of your seal.

Embedded Seal_EN

Floating PRO Seal
Place the two-sided PRO Seal on the left or right edge of your website's browser so that it always remains in view for visitors, no matter where they scroll. 

Floating Seal_EN

Show potential customers your quality by including the PRO Seal on your website. You have about five seconds to build trust with your potential customers. Convince them at first glance!

TOP TIP: You do not have one of our PLUS packages and therefore do not have access to the PRO Seal? No problem, use our basic rating seals as a signal of trust.

You want your good reputation to reach new customers? You too can use the PRO Seal for your website!

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