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Published: August 6, 2015 | Last updated: April 5, 2023
Four basic search engine optimization rules for enhancing your rating profile visibility – Part 2: Link building

SEO, the most common online marketing abbreviation, stands for search engine optimization. It means optimizing your site so that it is the first page visible when someone searches for your name or a particular service. In this multi-part series, we'll explain to you the basic rules of search engine optimization and how you can use these on your review profile.

In the last in the series on SEO tips, we discussed keywords - phrases and terms which indicate which content can be found on your page. As a reminder: Google and other search engines rank your website higher when you provide suitable and valuable content. Your website ranking depends on different factors which can be improved. For example frequently occurring relevant, well placed keywords will help you to make your website more visible for certain search terms. But what has this got to do with links?

More links for better visibility for your rating profile

A link is a cross reference from one website on the Internet to another. When search engines analyze websites, they pay attention to links as well as keywords. Links that lead to a website are an indication that there must be interesting content on the site. Links are basically recommendations from other sites to visit your website.

However, the number of links that lead to your website is no guarantee that you'll be ranked higher. This is because the site that links to your website is also scanned and ranked based on its quality and content. If the topic is related, this means for the search machine that your site is related, has relevant content and is more helpful to the reader than other websites.

Organic link creation to strengthen your homepage and profile

The term link building in search machine optimization refers to the compilation of many links in order to increase the website's value and relevance. There are many ways to link to a site. This happens most organically through partners, colleagues or customers who want to recommend the content on your website to others.

There are also portals where you can pay for these so-called backlinks, but watch out: Search engines are becoming more intelligent and can already differentiate between bad links (i.e. bought) and good links. Bought links often come from sites that have been specially programmed to link to other websites. The content on these sites is normally structured in an incredible way. So it's worth only allowing your site be linked to websites that contain content which is related to your own industry. You can easily start with yourself: With ProvenExpert, you can easily organize and build backlinks.

Link your ratings profile...

...on your website. With the rating seal or the responsive review widget, you can make prominent reference to not only the high rate of customer satisfaction on your website, but also to your rating profile.

...on ProvenExpert. It might sound confusing to begin with: You can link to yourself on ProvenExpert if you rate ProvenExpert. On your rating, your username will be displayed, including a link to your user profile. But for this, you need to be logged in when leaving the review.

...on the review profiles of other users.. If you have bought a package with us (whether it's Basic, Plus, or Premium), you'll be linked to profiles of those users who work in the same industry as you and who use the free version. Your profile then appears under the user profile in the area “More experts in this industry...”.
The advantage here is that a website in a similar industry, therefore containing relevant information, will be linked to your profile, thereby strengthening it email signatures. You can link to your review page wherever you're active on the Internet. An easier and faster trick is to make reference to your reviews and your customer's satisfaction in your email account signature. social media. Use the multiplier effect of social networks to share individual reviews or your user profile to social media. Here, the links will have an even stronger effect, as these posts can be shared by other users and will therefore also be visible to their network.

Tip:On your Review profile, under Websites and & Profiles, you have the possibility to strengthen your website by linking it to your social media profiles.


Conclusion: Links help to optimize your review profile and your web presence. You are indicating to search engines that your site is worth visiting. Whether a site is ranked high or not depends on over 200 factors that are constantly changing. Links from “real” websites with high-quality content is one of the most important criteria for improving your visibility.

In the next part of the series on SEO tips for your review profile, we'll discuss content - and how you can very easily and regularly create new content with your review profile

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