3FACH ANDERS: Developing a premium brand with customer reviews and seals

Published: August 3, 2017 | Last updated: September 22, 2020
ProvenExpert user interview: Structogram trainer and coach Jörg Weitz shares his secrets to success.

The Coaching market is unregulated. Because just about anybody can coach, in this line of work professional image is everything, and it's what helps separate those who get results from the rest. For 3FACH ANDERS founder Jörg Weitz, networking and authenticity are key to success. Customer feedback is the best distinction he can imagine. Horses are Weitz' closest coworkers, and he is a fan of their ruthless honesty. Coaching led with the help of horses helps him analyze customers' leadership qualities. His additional specialty is biostructure analysis. As a coach, he is preoccupied with the three areas of the brain. The brain stem labeled green, diencephalon, or interbrain in red, and cerebrum in blue all influence our daily decisions. Green characterizes people who decide based on feelings. For them, the actual number of ratings is not decisive. Red-brain types are emotional and obsessed with status. For them, it's of utmost importance WHO is rating them. The blue type is rational. Facts are the top priority, and they're most convinced by multiple positive feedback and experiences.

Jörg Weitz

The question begs: is there a connection between the biological structure and ProvenExpert?

Absolutely! It's possible to ask oneself: As a business person, what is my intention for wanting to use ProvenExpert? In my case, it is a strong red/blue manifestation. I have the best possible ratings seal, which is a testament that my work is valued. On the other hand, I know blue dominance very well, or people who say: „Ok, let's compare our options, there's a coach, for example, with 200 ratings averaging 4.9, that's great­“. That's better than a coach with three ratings with an average of 5. This way, you can establish causality, and this can be easily measured using biostructure analysis.

Why did you decide to get customer feedback?

I have always asked for customer feedback, after each seminar. I took what I got with me, sometimes even in written form, but none of it was publicly available. And then, enter ProvenExpert!

Which experiences did you have using ProvenExpert?

In addition to improved transparency, I now have the ability to display a certain seal of quality. As a coach, I'm active in an unregulated market. Simply put, there are many black sheep. Today, anyone can call themselves a coach or an expert. So, naturally, I hope that the transparency of the platform lets potential customers recognize that I do serious work thanks to the feedback I get via ProvenExpert.

Interview with Jörg Weitz


How do you let people know about your ProvenExpert profile?

During open coaching sessions, I let participants know that they will be getting a survey link per email. I try to create a separate survey for each event. This lets participants give feedback specific to the location and the exact coaching topic.

Can you give a rough estimate of the percentage of ratings returns?

As a rule, I can speak of 70-75% returns.

What are the additional benefits of using ProvenExpert compared to classic ratings portals?

The big advantage is that I can ask questions about various facets of my activity and examine each component of the seminar in detail, which is impossible on a regular portal.

It is also possible request that customers edit their feedback; do you use this option?



When I get feedback, that's my feedback. If a customer actually writes that he or she didn't like the seminar or that the application is questionable, then that's it. That's what I mean when I say it's authentic.

Have you received new customers via ProvenExpert?

Of course, I can see how many people have viewed my profile. I think the traffic is OK, because I see the overall context, meaning visitors on social media channels, my website, as well as ProvenExpert. I've had the profile since January or February, I think. Since then I've already received 181 ratings, because I use it a lot. I've also determined that thanks to the Google seller ratings, my Google search results rankings have improved.

Can you say that this has increased your revenue?

It's not my motivation to get new customers through ProvenExpert. Maybe this is where my situation is different, because at the end of the day I have only a specific amount of time per year to conduct coaching sessions and be available for training measures. While I can't say that this time is already exhausted, it's well in use. For me, it's much more important to develop 3FACH ANDERS into a premium brand with the help of ProvenExpert. This is where it's about customer satisfaction, recommendations, et cetera. This is my main motivation.

What are the responses like, is it mostly stars, or also with comments?

Mostly with comments, but I have to add that I say each time that I'm happy to receive personal notes. I write this in the email.

Have you been able to eliminate weaknesses using specific surveys, do you respond to your feedback?

Let's say I certainly try. Specifically in the coaching industry, when I sign up for a seminar, I have an intention. This gives me motivation to want to do something. When the employer says, I want you to go to this, and I don't see the necessity, then this can cause a problem. But when I actually get constructive feedback, then the session was good, there were maybe a few things that could've been better, and I want to use this in order to constantly improve myself.

Does feedback also make you feel more assured or validated?

Absolutely, of course. As they say, the artist is paid with applause. In fact, I am happy about each email I receive, every rating, no matter what it looks like. This is because it points to a certain appreciation of my work.

Is there anything you've always wanted to say to ProvenExpert?

Before ordering or buying something, I myself read ratings and reviews. I've been convinced by ProvenExpert from day one and always sing you praises. I make use of all tools that your platform offers. This includes the email signature, my price list, etc. These are found on my homepage, social media, Facebook widgets and everywhere else.

Thank you for the interview, Mr. Weitz!

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