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Publish your customer survey on your Facebook page easily and quickly with the free Facebook app from ProvenExpert. Our tutorial shows you just how easy it is.

News from our product development: All our customers can now access our new Facebook survey app for free. This was originally designed as an additional feature, but after the initial design and further development, it has been made available as a smart tool for conducting surveys with your customers directly through Facebook. At the same time as the app's first beta version, FUTUREBIZ published an article from Jan Firsching ("Goodbye Yelp? Customers prefer recommendations and reviews on Facebook."), which illustrated that the decision to create our own app was right both for us and for our customers. More and more users review and recommend local companies, business, and providers of various services directly over Facebook. We've been watching this trend very closely for over a year now and are keeping up with the changes with our own Facebook app.

In the next seven minutes in this article will teach you everything you need to know about the app and its integration as well as customer surveys on Facebook.


What does the app do and what can I use it for?

Exactly like with the customer surveys from ProvenExpert, you can obtain, analyze and publish qualitative customer feedback with the surveys on Facebook, creating trust in your service.

The Facebook survey app lets you quickly and easily integrate your customer survey to your Facebook page. This can be done directly on your Facebook page in what's called the tab app, and not with a link. All the functions that you already know from typical customer surveys can also be found here. The app basically creates a copy of your survey and optimises this for use on Facebook. In this way, you can directly ask your customers, acquaintances, fans and friends for feedback on Facebook, without having to leave the Facebook site.


This function is only available for public Facebook pages and not for personal Facebook profiles. If you're not sure how a personal Facebook profile and a public page differ, you can find out more here.

What are the advantages of the customer survey on Facebook?

For a large number of users, Internet means Facebook. Worldwide, more than 1.32 billion people are registered on Facebook. Even though Facebook has a reputation for being popular with the younger generations, around 50 percent of all users are between 30 and 60 years old. These figures make Facebook's enormous potential for attracting new customers clear.

With a customer survey on Facebook, you will reach customers right in the exact place where they are active. Seamless integration of your survey into the standard Facebook field leads to a lower rate of non-completion at a later date when answering your questions. What's more, your customers don't need to verify their review by email, since the app can take this from the Facebook user data. In figures, this means that your customers need roughly 20 percent less time to answer your survey. Feedback verification based on Facebook user data has another advantage for you and your potential customers: When published, every review will be linked to the reviewer's Facebook profile (as long as this is allowed by the reviewer). This creates trust and protects you against falsified feedback.

Who can use the Facebook app?

Anyone with a Facebook page (business page) can use the Facebook app. The only condition is that you have a profile on ProvenExpert.com and have created or are conducting at least one active survey. If that's not the case, you should do the following:

  1. Log in and create a ProvenExpert profile.
  2. We have already created a template for each industry or business that you can easily use for your customer survey. You can also adapt the survey template to your needs if necessary.
  3. Select the link "Publish survey" and click on the button Integrate survey. We'll guide you through how to configure the Facebook app step by step - the whole process is very quick and easy. In less than five minutes, your customer survey will be linked to your Facebook site and will be good to go.

How can I embed the customer survey on Facebook?

Linking the Facebook survey is child's play and can be done in less than five minutes. If you haven't had much experience with Facebook and linking to an app, you can find a image gallery at the end of this section which takes you through the setup, step by step.

On the survey site in your ProvenExpert profile, you can find a link under every active survey: "Publish survey". Here, simply click on the button "Integrate survey".

publish_survey-1 Click on "Integrate survey" to start the Facebook app's integration process.

A new tab will open, bringing you directly to Facebook. If you haven't already signed in at this point, enter your Facebook sign in details and log in. You will be asked which of your sites you want to integrate your survey to. Select the page you want to use and confirm this by clicking the button "Add page tab". The app will then be added to your page.



Note:Please note that due to technical reasons, the app name is displayed in German only. The following steps will show you how to change this into English.

You will receive a confirmation that the app has been set up successfully. Follow the instructions and go to your Facebook page to complete the setup.

Geschafft! Ihre Facebook-Kundenumfrage ist fertig eingerichtet und steht Ihren Kunden nun zur Verfügung. Gehen Sie zu Ihrer Facebook-Seite, um individuelle Einstellungen vorzunehmen.

Your customer survey has now been correctly set up and can be used. If necessary, you can alter the order, name and the image in the app. You'll find all the information you need to do this in the following sections as well as in the image gallery.

In images: Step by step to adding customer surveys to Facebook

 publish_survey (2)

On the survey site in your ProvenExpert profile, you can find a link under every active survey: "Publish survey". Here, simply click on "Integrate survey" in the layer.

How can I change the name and image of the app?

To make everything as simple as possible, we have given the app the default name "Feedback geben" and an image. If you wish, you can adjust both to your preferences. In order to change the name and/or the image, click above right on "Settings".


Now select the menu option "Edit Page". Here, you can drag the "Give feedback" tab to the new position in your profile. To change the name and image for the app, click in the settings for the tab.


After clicking "Settings" on the right next to the app tab, you can change the name in "Edit Settings". You can now enter and save a new name in the field "Custom name tab". Click on "Change" near the item "Custom Tab Image" to upload a new image for the app. The image must be exactly 111 x 74 pixels in size, must not exceed one megabyte and must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format. Select a suitable image, upload it and save it.





How can I share the link to my survey e.g. on Facebook?

As in the previous step, you can access the Share link via settings for your page. Select the option "Edit Page" and click again on "Settings" beside the tab with your survey app - here "Give feedback".



Note:Please note that due to technical reasons, the app name "Feedback geben" is displayed in German only. The following step will show you how to change this into English.

Click on "Settings" in the "Give feedback" tab, where a layer with the link to your survey will open. You can now select, copy and paste the link where you would like to share your survey.

choose-facebook-app (1)

Click on "Settings" in the "Give feedback" tab, where a layer with the link to your survey will open. You can now select, copy and paste the link where you would like to share your survey.

If you want to first check out our Facebook app and see it live in action, can do this by going to our own Facebook page. Go to the customer survey on Facebook. Good luck collecting customer feedback with your survey! As always, we look forward to reading your your experiences, suggestions for improvement and your own experience with the Facebook app.

UPDATE: We're thrilled that many of our customers have already successfully embedded their survey using our app to their Facebook page. Some examples can be seen here:

Sabine Strobel: Go to Facebook survey
Werbeagentur Create & Print: Go to Facebook survey

PS: ProvenExpert provides you with a range of completed survey templates that are adapted to specific industries. Take a look to find out about the advantages of a customized template. Sign up for free at no risk and start your first customer survey today.

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