Squarespace Review Widget - How to Implement ProvenExpert's Plugin with Google Stars Code Schema

Trust. It’s a big part of business, but it can be challenging to build. Conveying a sense of trust and quality through your Squarespace website can be daunting. That’s where our ProvenExpert PRO Seal saves the day!

Reviews help new customers find quality assurance in your product at a glance, and now you can show off your review scores with a discreet seal of approval that updates with every new review you receive. Better still? It’s effortless to set up.

Don’t believe us? Check out our four quick and easy steps.

Some additional resources to consult regarding negative reviews are here:

STEP ONE: Log into ProvenExpert. Don't have a profile yet? Sign up for free here. On your dashboard menu, select the Reputation Boost button with the rocket. This will open a second drop-down menu where you can select PRO Seal.

STEP TWO: On the PRO Seal popup, select how you want your PRO Seal to appear on your page, and then click the </> Generate HTML button. Click the handy Copy HTML Code button to copy all of the code to your clipboard.

STEP THREE: Log into your Squarespace account, and head to the Settings tab, and then the Advanced settings. Select the Code Injection option.

Paste the HTML code copied to your clipboard from your PRO Seal creator into you header section and hit save.

STEP FOUR: Refresh your homepage and check out your handy new PRO Seal. 

That's it! Your reviews from provenexpert.com will appear in the WordPress Review Widget for free. If you want to connect reviews from other sources like Facebook, Google, or TripAdvisor, this is free during your 30 trial and after this time consider upgrading to a paid subscription to continue to benefit from the aggregated review score. 

Questions? Contact support@provenexpert.com or visit provenexpert.com to chat with us live.

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ProvenExpert is the online platform for qualified customer feedback and review aggregation. A tool that enables business owners and service providers of all sizes to actively seek customer reviews with industry-specific survey templates, bundle existing customer reviews in one location and present the overall score in a way that makes it more effective. Already more than 270,000 entrepreneurs and service providers of all sizes benefit from ProvenExpert.