A short walk: The six steps that build trust

Published: May 22, 2020 | Last updated: June 27, 2022
Trust: The firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. In B2C, it is vital immediately establish trust and appear credible to convert visitors into returning customers. Here are six steps we recommend you follow to help customers trust you.

1. Design a trustworthy online platform where customers visit

The visual design of digital platforms has a substantial effect on perceived trustworthiness. Different Colours, for example, can instil varying levels of trust in a website, which can be culturally and regionally significant. Online content should use a colour design that matches the target group's set of values, a most obvious example being green shades for ecologically oriented environmental platforms. This creates a certain familiarity at first glance.

2. Maintain credible online activity:

 Credibility (the quality of being trusted and believed) only comes about when you interact with the target group in a trustworthy manner. An excellent example of this would be how you reply to and manage customer reviews. Some important qualities a business must maintain when handling online reviews include:

  • Appreciativeness
  • Understanding
  • Fairness
  • Transparency

Even unjustified criticism from customers should be dealt with politely and diplomatically. This way, potential new customers see that the topic of customer service is a core value - a basis for trust.

(If you’d like to learn how to make your website convey more trust, check this article out).

3. Declare which safety measures are used to protect customers

Potential and existing customers must feel secure during their entire customer journey. Examples of how you convey this security include:

  • Securely encrypting customer’s data
  • Describing easy-to-understand data protection activities to your customers
  • Publishing content that shows what you are doing to ensure the security of your customer.
  • Displaying reputable quality seals. A great example is Proven Expert’s Pro Seal.

4. Partner with reputable Influencers

A strategic partnership with brands that have already established themselves authentically can strengthen customer trust in your brand.

5. Keep it to the point

Everyone prefers short, understandable texts that explain what a product can do or what a service promises - completely free of marketing jargon and platitudes. A simple, easy-to-understand menu structure, straightforward contact options, understandable FAQs or help texts and clear announcements on service and warranty round off nicely.

6. Advertise previous successes

A product has already been ordered 100,000 times? Then you should make this known on your website and through social media. "Nothing is more successful than success." This world-famous business saying also applies in the digital realm. If a brand has already convinced many consumers and potential new customers to find out about it, they too will probably trust this brand.


Establishing trust between business and customer is vital to achieving success in B2C. The six steps to establishing a strong level of trust are:

  1. Design a trustworthy online platform where customers visit
  2. Maintain credible online activity, for example, responding to reviews correctly
  3. Declare which safety measures are used to protect customers
  4. Partner with reputable Influencers
  5. Keep it to the point
  6. Advertise previous successes

What makes your customers happy?

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