Not appearing on page 1? How to optimize your rating profile for search engines.

Four SEO tips to make your ProvenExpert profile more visible on the Internet – Part 1: Keywords

What is SEO really and why do I need it? SEO isn't a new abbreviation for CEO, although it sounds similar. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's the perfect cure to the frustration felt when the website that you have worked long and hard on doesn't even appear on page three of Google. Since it's not that easy to stand out against the competition from thousands upon thousands of other websites on a similar topic offering the same services. At least when you aren't familiar with the 'basics' of search engine optimization. In a multi-part series, we'll explain this to you with the help of four basic SEO rules, as well as how you can easily use these on your review profile.

You profile will be easier to find with the right keywords

Google and other search engines rate websites based on the following principle: The website that has the most valuable and relevant content for the user's search request will be ranked as “valuable” and will then be listed higher in the search results. There are countless criteria that search engines use to rate 'suitable' and 'valuable' content - for your review profile you can break this into text content, links, user traffic and the correct keywords.

Keywords are important for search engines, in order to find out what you website's really about and which content can be found there. Keywords are also words or terms with which your company or service can be found. Put yourself in the shoes of potential new customers in order to find the right keywords: With which problems, questions or knowledge would a customer search for you or similar service companies? What could the keywords to this search request be? Here, you should include for example the professional field, specialization or the area if your service is dependent on a location. This is important if for example customers are on the go in another town and are searching for a local service. And last but not least: Your company's name or your username should be quoted completely.

So that you can be found under the keywords that you chose, they should appear frequently, for example in headings, subheadings or the text body. This means that you should use every text field on your review profile and fill them with relevant content.

Integrate keywords into your ratings profile... the Activity description under your username. If you're a specialist in your professional field, for example, you can mention it here. the description text. Here, you have more space to place keywords. Also mention any specializations in addition to your general offer. If your service is dependent on a location, it's worth mentioning the location here. In addition to this, we should mention: Make your review profile strong>unique and don't copy your self description from your homepage or other websites. Original content will give your site a boost, whereas duplicated content can even be penalized by Google & co. with 'low visibility'. your offer. Principally, this text box consists of keywords. Here, you can enter key phrases for your offer, specializations, name, location, and any specifics.

…in the contact information. For companies or services dependent on a location, it's not only important to write the location in the description text, but you must also mention this in the contact details. Apart from search machine optimization for local searches, you're also showing Google that you i.e. your company actually exist. the survey name. The survey name will of course contain your or your company's username. But even here you can incorporate keywords and be more specific in two or three words: Why are you collecting this feedback? Is it for a specific project, workshop or a special service? the Reviews. This doesn't mean that you should insert keywords into the reviews, rather that more reviews lead to more keywords. Since your own name, your survey's name and the words. “Experience and reviews for...” will be repeated with every review. Collecting customer feedback is therefore good for achieving a better visibility.

Tip:By default, it's always possible for your customers to write you a testimonial along with their review. Leave this function activated in order to collect potential new content and keywords for your profile!


Warning: Keyword spamming!

Keywords are important so that search engines can associate your website with specific content. An extreme use of keywords can however be detrimental, as Google and co. can penalize this with low visibility. So use keywords in moderation. You should also always consider the “reader” of your profile. “Human before machine”.

SEO tips can help you to optimize your profile. However, it can take a while for Google to recognize this. And even then, it's no guarantee that a site will be highly ranked. But experience shows that keywords are an important step on the path to achieving a better visibility online.

Have you got any questions or would you like to learn more about optimizing your profile with SEO? Then leave a comment!

In the next part of the series, we explain links: What links have actually got to do with an improved visibility and what „link building“ is all about.

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