Get more site traffic for your rating profile - no cat videos necessary

How do attract more visitors and increase visibility of your rating profile in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a constantly changing system of rules that holds the promise of light at the end of the tunnel for internet users: A ranking of your website on a search engine results page, or at least a better ranking. Even if you follow strict rules such as correct keyword placement or organic link building, there is no guarantee that your own page will keep moving up. As a matter of fact, focusing too much on SEO rules can even be counterproductive.

So is there a rule of thumb or a gold standard? Yes, the reader. Whatever isn't informative or clear for the reader “will bother” search engines as well, causing them to fine it.

The last article in this series examined keywords, link creation and organic content. All three measures, applied together, work to optimize your page: The search engine assigns your website to a topic (keywords), finds the contents informative (organic content) and sees that the website is recommended and linked from other, also informative websites (link creation). The result: Your website is ranked higher, so that users can find the information on your website quicker. Another effect: You have more data traffic, or page traffic, on your site.

Proof that high page traffic isn't just a sign of higher search engine ranking, but that many page visits result in a higher ranking can be found in the hit phenomenon such as cat videos. Interesting and entertaining material is quickly forwarded to friends, cousins and colleagues and results in a click wave. Thousands of clicks in a short time signal the search engines: Here's something interesting! An soon after, the website will be listed high up in the search results.

But if you don't have a marketing department that is only creates viral content for you (or a funny looking cat), you can easily increase the access to your review profile yourself - with these tips:

1. Optimize your review profile
Take a bit of time to go over your profile. Have you incorporated keywords that indicate which services you offer? Has your description text been copied from another website or is it unique? When do you last invite your customers to leave a review? Customers who have received a good first impression will call up the website again for more information.

2. Share your review profile and reviews
Social networks are a „marketing accelerator“. No link circulates faster than on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and co. It's also worth looking at other social network platforms: LinkedIn and Xing are especially suited to professionals, as different groups from different industries (i.e. associations, clubs, and other interest groups) can meet and share ideas here.

3. Regular entries
Regular updates to your review profile and new customer reviews indicates to search machines and potential customers that there's still something going on on your review profile - and that customer satisfaction is important to you. If there have been changes – like your address, your offer or even the website address – don't forget to update this. Visitors won't return to websites that look outdated, as they're not useful.

4. Each link is a potential click
Incorporate your rating seal to the homepage as well as subpages, or display your review profile in your email signature. Each link to your review profile is a potential click – so try to obtain potential customers wherever you can find them online, so that you can win them over with high customer satisfaction.

Tip:It's even easier if you regularly invite your customers to take part in a customer review. With every invitation that's accepted, you will have a visit to your profile page. And if you want to thank them for their review: Share your customer's review to social networks with a friendly acknowledgement!

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