Fix Bad Reviews: 5 Best Online Resources

These 5 Online Resources are a part of our Guide on How to Fix Bad Reviews. Want more? Download the 60+ page guide on how to fix bad reviews here.

Negative reviews have the potential to affect a business significantly. Carefully considered, well-written responses to bad reviews can go a long way toward protecting an enterprise’s name and goodwill. If worst comes to worst, prominent or particularly bad reviews can sometimes be “buried” by a significant quantity of good reviews; after all, if a bad review only appears on the 10th page out of a 12-page section of a website, are many people even going to see it?

But be careful of using underhanded techniques to try and hide, obscure or delete negative-but-honest reviews; not only can these techniques be used against you, but it’s quite possible to be “called out” for your actions — either on the websites in question or on others. Always remember that your reputation and image are far more important than a person’s one-time opinion, which may or may not be believed, considered, or remembered.

Some additional resources to consult regarding negative reviews are here:

1. How To Deal With Bad Reviews Of Your Business Online

 A brief overview of how to respond to bad reviews, in a six-minute read, written by a marketing expert.

2. How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online: Our 3-Step Process

 A longer general guide to responding to negative reviews, written by a company that specializes in creating websites that build trust. 

3. Study: Replying to Customer Reviews Results in Better Ratings

 A Harvard Business Review study that shows that when businesses respond to reviews (both good   and bad), customer ratings increase.

4. How to Respond to Negative Reviews on Amazon

 An excellent guide to the new system of review response options on Amazon, written by an e-commerce intelligence firm.

5. 50 Important Customer Experience Stats for Business Leaders

 An article about the larger topic of customer experience management, featuring numbers from a founder of a customer strategy consulting and think tank organization.


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