How to Get Facebook Reviews Included in Your Google Stars via ProvenExpert Profile

Facebook has a whopping 2.91 billion active users every month. That’s 36.8% of the world’s population if you don’t have a calculator handy. 79% of those active users will visit Facebook at least once a day (with some admitting to logging in several times a day!). That’s a lot of eyes on your business and a lot of potential new customers.

While we doubt that close to 40% of the world’s population will be in your demographic, there are still a lot of opportunities for your Facebook business page to be your new customer’s first interaction with your business. 

So how can you make a good first impression?

Online reviews are big business. 34% of new customers say that they use online reviews to make their decision when it comes to choosing a business, but with so many online review websites it can be hard to keep track of what’s being said. That’s where we come in.

ProvenExpert can collate your online reviews into one clear and concise profile enabling you to manage your reviews, and for new customers to see the whole picture. Better yet? It can be set up in no time at all.

Step one: Log in to your ProvenExpert account.Don't have a profile yet? Sign up for free here.

Once you’re set-up, head on over to your profile. Scroll down to the section marked Reviews from other sources and click on the Add source button (if you’ve already added a source here you’ll want to click the manage sources button).

STEP TWO: Head on over to your Facebook business profile and copy your profile URL. Paste this into the Add and manage reviews from other sources pop-up and hit the Add button.

STEP THREE: Refresh your ProvenExpert profile to update your rating. Congrats, you’re all done!

Now that you've connected your profile with your Facebook Reviews, you can implement the Reviews Plugin. Check out our other videos for directions on how to implement the Website Plugin with popular web builders like WordPress, Squarespace, and Weebly. Remember your Facebook Reviews connection is free for the 30-day trial, and showing reviews from on the website plugin is free forever. 

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ProvenExpert is the online platform for qualified customer feedback and review aggregation. A tool that enables business owners and service providers of all sizes to actively seek customer reviews with industry-specific survey templates, bundle existing customer reviews in one location and present the overall score in a way that makes it more effective. Already more than 270,000 entrepreneurs and service providers of all sizes benefit from ProvenExpert.